Our Products

Sandoz Farm is a family owned and operated farm that has been producing agricultural products since 1880. The forefathers came to the valley to grow vegetables and fruits. Today the Sandoz family offers a wide selection of USDA beef and pork, vegetables from early spring too late fall, sweet cherries, pears, apples and a selection of other fruits. Also, a wide variety of jams/jellies, canned fruits, pickled veggies and canned tomato products are available. Sandoz Farm meats are all natural products. There are no added hormones or antibiotics, and all natural feed products are used in feeding. The hay is grown on the farm and the cattle still use the range ground and the irrigated pasture. The vegetables are grown naturally as well, and the cherries follow the regulations required by the county for pest control. All products sold are raised on the farm or by a family member. In 2010, our Farm Stand was constructed to provide a nice place for customers to be able to come and select desired products.

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