About Us

Sandoz Farm is located on Mill Creek Road just out of The Dalles. It is a family owned operation that has been in existence since 1880. The first generation came to The Dalles and settled on the farm in 1878 and bought it in 1880. The Sandoz family has been running the farm ever since. The Sandoz brothers, Arnold, Charles and Alphonse, settled on growing vegetables on the creek bottom ground and a few fruit trees and grapes on the side hills in 1880. Fruit and vegetables were packed up at production time and hauled into town and sold door to door in those early years. It was a beautiful piece of ground that reminded them of their homeland and the production provided a fine living for them and their families.

As the years passed younger generations changed the focus from garden vegetables to fruit production. Cherries became a great product, and there were peaches, apricots and apple orchards to extend the summer crops. People would come to the farm for these great fruits. The years passed, and with time the cherry production became a larger enterprise and the gardens became smaller, just enough for the families’ needs.

After World War II, the focus of the farm changed to make the land more useful. The taste of a great steak inspired Charlie to place a focus on raising Angus cattle. The rangeland then became a place to run the cattle in the spring and summer and then the bottom ground became irrigated hay and pasture land. The cherry orchards expanded during this period, and  it took all members of the family to make the operation function.

The farm today has a focus on raising quality USDA beef and pork; the cherry orchards have expanded with new and tasty varieties; and the vegetable gardens have grown. Ted, Holly, Chuck, Kathy, Mary and Larry all work together and have their specific fields of expertise to make the farm a working entity. Together they worked on building the Farm Stand to be able to sell their products, which  is located right along the road next to the antique school house. They sell their meat and fresh vegetables at the local Saturday and Sunday Farmers’ Markets as well. A certified kitchen has expanded the business into the canned food production, especially when there are extra fruits and vegetables on hand. Also, chickens have been added to the farm for egg production.

Sandoz Farm meats are all natural products. There are no added hormones or antibiotics, and all natural feed products are used in feeding. The hay is grown on the farm and the cattle still use the range ground and the irrigated pasture. The vegetables are grown naturally as well. The cherries follow the regulations required by the county for pest control. All products sold are raised on the farm or by a family member.

The love of the land and this particular farm has made this family have an adventure that has already lasted over 100 years. The focus has always been to bring fresh, healthy, good-for-you food to the community. A few beautiful flowers or a Christmas tree for the holiday season is a bonus only because the family has grown and still works together to make the next generation have a love of the land and what it can provide. The Sandoz Family invites you to take a drive especially during the spring and summer out Mill Creek Road and stop in for a visit. Enjoy the scenery and select some fresh veggies, fruit or a perfect meat choice for dinner. There usually is a great story to be told by one family member or another and that in itself can bring a smile to your face.

The short drive to the farm will give you the view of one of the most beautiful sights in Oregon, Mt. Hood. Each season gives a magical sight that is breath taking.

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